Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Website Re-Design Part 2

As it turns out, this assignment has become more difficult than I initially imagined. I'll talk about why:

First, I feel the time restraint. We have very little in class time to work on this as a group. Luckily, no one in my group is a moron, so we don't have to deal with that. It is difficult to quickly and succinctly articulate something, get everyone's approval, delegate tasks, etc, in less than 50 minutes. We have no time to be awkward around each other as strangers, or be overly-polite with our judgements and criticisms.

Second, Google Sites. What a fuckin' bummer. With all the knowledge we accrued from our readings, we were set and ready to go in order to create a kick ass, simple but nice looking website. And while we as a class decided to go ahead with using Google Sites to host, we clearly didn't know what we were signing up for. The templates interface are somehow both too simple AND too complicated. I have to dig around to find out how to alter something, only to find that I care barely alter anything. The website looks, with all of our work, like an example of a bad website! I'm so frustrated about that. I know we are capable of making something better, but I'm feeling now that Google Sites isn't really going to help us achieve that.

Third, I am sort of pissed at the project itself. It seems like we were doomed from the start. Even though I asked the questions I needed answered, the whole assignment really feels up in the air, and in a group that only makes things more difficult to secure. We're emailing, we're meeting in person, we're on Sakai, and nothing is really coordinated. We're just sort of blinding marching forward. I don't think this is a bad assignment, but somehow it seems to be failing to be productive.

Today's class is the peer review, where we can finally hand off our progress for someone else to critique. I'm expecting to hear good and bad, which is fine. I'm also expecting the same apathy that other groups are probably feeling right now, too.

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