Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Good Website and A Bad Website

I'll start with the bad website, and unfortunately, it's the official website of my favorite band, The Eagles of Death Metal (that's me with the lead singer in the avatar) .

This website needs a lot of work. It's so basic! There is about as little info on this website as possible for it to be considered a website. It acts more like a fan forum, which is fine, but numerous bands have tons of fan-centric websites that have message boards, fan photo uploads and the like. This is the band's official page! I need a band history, I need official lyrics, I need more legitimate information from this band, period.

Here's a website that's so good it's scary: The Internet Movie Database

I've noticed that this site has changed it's aesthetics over the past year or so and added a lot more features. However, I don't think this has deterred from the website (i.e., over-cluttering) but instead has just broadened its usability. Basically, it has a lot of info in easily digestible pieces, the formatting is clean and simple, the navigation is clean and logical but not "too" connected. It's also OFFICIAL, which is a huge plus. I has forums and message boards, but that's secondary to the real facts.

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