Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Palmquist Chapter 17 Reactions

As an avid and long-time user of websites, I found much of the information in the reading understood already. I have dabbled in web design and I work extensively in the Web format, for fun and professionally.

What stood out to me was the intricate diagrams of website organizational structure. I found that I had experienced this in designing DVD menus. Simple DVD menus use a linear format (like if I were to create a DVD for a short film I had made with few links) whereas more complicated ones (like the ones on professional consumer DVDs) use a hierarchal organization. Having seen the actual formatting of such a concept before, it really intrigued me when I thought of how it applied to something massive, like a website. It would be quite a task to design the linked navigation of a site's pages, if they have a "breadcrumb trail", if they use a navigational bar at the top of each page, or if one must click the homepage link to get back to where they started.

Other than that, I must say that most of this chapter was mostly common sense to me. I fully understand the importance of simplicity, not only for the sake of the user but for the sake of one's computer drivers working extra hard to load complex page designs. I'm a big fan of the informational flags and I wish every website used them. Consistency, clarity, and logic are the key values of creating a well-functioning website.

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