Monday, October 19, 2009

Wikitravel: The Good

This Wikitravel project turned out well, in my opinion.

I chose to modify that page of Providence, Rhode Island. I enjoyed reading what the page had to offer and found instantly that there was room for improvement. For instance, pages of large cities and state capitols tend to have lots of information, of course. Providence, being both of those things as well as a city of early historical importance, needed a "History" section. The page as it was had nothing there! It was a great opportunity for me to take it upon myself to write up a brief history of Providence to include on the Wikitravel page. The "Climate" section was the same situation.

As I read, I noticed how much was missing from Providence through my perspective. I spend a lot of time on the East Side and in the arts/alternative scene and found only a bit of information in those areas. Mostly, the page included lots of stuff about the business districts and Federal Hill. I knew for a fact that at least 2 festivals and a handful of restaurants and bars were missing that young travelers like myself would like to know about. So, in this case, I was happy to include my own info with ease.

I also was excited when I saw that the page didn't include my favorite, little-known museum in Providence, the Natural History Museum and Cormack Planetarium at the Roger Williams Park. Not only is it fun, but it's EXTREMELY family oriented and would be a very valuable knowledge for families traveling with small children. It's small, under-appreciated places that need recognition on these Wikitravel places, so I was happy to contribute what I knew.

The page was so massive and full of info that it seemed almost overwhelming to add to. I also know for a fact that could have added at least 10 more entries, but I didn't have the time and didn't really need to make more work for myself. In total, I contributed:
A history section
A climate section
A museum and planetarium
2 Festivals
2 Restaurants
2 Bars

and like I said, I could have added so much more!

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