Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Group Process

I think the group dynamic is working quite well. Everyone seems to be on board with the cause even though I'm the only one who is personally invested in it. I noticed this especially when I wrote my "rant" for the Ning blog, which was a personal editorial about the harm of joking about Jews. It did feel weird to put all of my personal emotions out there, but at the same time, I've always been a writer who puts my heart into my work. It's liberating to show your heart to others, and I think in the case of my rant, important to see it from my perspective.

One of the group members seems to be a loose cannon of sorts, but I cannot judge him too harshly. I appreciate that he comes to class and attempts to work, but he's sometimes wildly inappropriate or careless with what he brings to the table for our project. I hope that by the time the project is completed he will have made his proper contributions.

When I look at the Ning site, I'm very proud of it. Not only because of the cause, but the aesthetics and the content. It looks very professional and appealing and all of our writing and research has provided the site with rich content. Unlike the last project, the website re-design, I am pleased with the outcome. The Google sites template was just awful, and it didn't reach my expectations. Ning, however, has done that.

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