Friday, December 4, 2009

Key Points from Kimball

After reading through the chapter, I think I figured out what makes a good web portfolio and what should be in it.

1. First and foremost, the portfolio needs polished and revised works, at least the two we're allowed to revise.

2. A clear thesis/theme for the portfolio is extremely important so that it connects the introductions and the works themselves.

3. The selected works should show off my strengths, but also show growth in areas that aren't so strong. A good example would be the collaborative web re-design since I've never done something like that before, I can at least show what I learned.

4. As in all portfolios, what's most important is understanding and proving the purpose of the course and really knowing what I learned; In this case, what it meant for me as a writer and as a web user.

5. As far as the web portfolios go, my work will be way more accessible to people because it's on the internet. That's an important thing to consider in terms of what I put in there and how I will be represented.

6. My web-based work will highlight my strengths and literacy on computers, unlike traditional portfolios.

7. I will also need to employ rhetoric, both in design and with the writing appeals in my introductions.

8. I will present my work to meet my standards, which are very high. It will be a good representation of the kind of writer/student/professional I am.

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