Friday, December 4, 2009

Projects to Revise

After a lot of thought, I've decided to revise my blog project and my Wikitravel project.

I want to revise my blog because it is the most important project to me. It is something I'm proud of and was basically the best part of this class for many reasons. As it is, I know there are things that I need to fine tune.
-I'll re-edit posts for errors.
-I'll re-edit posts for content and fluency.
-I'll work on the aesthetics of the site. As it is, there are a few inconsistencies with fonts and alignment, so I'll make them as polished as possible and present the best looking blog I can produce.
-I'll consider the feedback Johanna gave me to anticipate the audience and not just myself as the reader of this blog.

As for the Wikitravel, I wanted to revise this project for two reasons. One, it was the only other non-group project, so it was something I had total control over from the beginning and it is 100% my own work. I suppose that makes me more comfortable than editing a group project. Two, I know for certain there are improvements to be made.
-I will add pictures of some of the entries I added.
-I will revise the written portions I added to the page.
Ultimately I think I did good work on my Wikitravel page and I'd like to see it perfected, because that is doable.

I do not want to revise the Ning site because I think it is very good as it is. I don't want to revise the Google site because I think it's a mess and the group aspect makes it even harder to tinker with. I don't want to spend all my time totally re-designing to fit my aesthetic.

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