Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ideas for Clubhouse Blog

Some ideas for my clubhouse blog:

1. An entertainment/lifestyle blog with a feminist twist. Possible name - "Femenclature" or some other kind of wordplay. It would include links and commentary on the media, beauty and fashion through the mind of a modern feminist. 

2. A film blog that features reviews, critiques and fun analyses. From my POV, of course. 

3. "That's Rad!" - bites of my own personal style - things I like, things I want, things I have, things that other people have. Celebrating my own aesthetic in apparel, house/room wares, art, music,miscellaneous stuff, style icons, and any kind of cool design. 

4.  A "30 Rock" fan blog. 

5. Clever-titled rock and roll blog. Each post would probably highlight a specific song, artist or something thematic (guitar solos, southern rock genre, cow bell, etc etc.) My take on what I love about rock and roll music. 

1 comment:

  1. These are all good ideas, but all of them need to be more focused. How can you make them more specific? Choose the one you're most interested in and really try to reign it in...