Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rock and Vogue - About Me

Why should you take my word?

I was twelve years old when I became obsessed with rock and roll music. As corny as it sounds, something inside me burst into life when I watched those men and women scream and sing and pummel their instruments. Those artists oozed with confidence. Some of that ooze got under my skin. 

I failed an eye test at school and was sent to get new glasses. I went to the local Lenscrafters. I peered at my mousey face in the mirror, onto the silvery circles that framed my glowing eyes. 

I looked up at my mom and told her I wanted thick, plastic, horn-rimmed glasses. She laughed. I stayed steadfast and serious. "Why?" she asked. "Because," I replied, "I want to look like the lead singer of Weezer." Amused, my mother obliged, and when I put them on, I got my first glance at the girl I was about to become. 

By high school, I added the combat boots, the baby doll dresses, the studded belts, and the slashed t shirts. During 5th period my arms became covered in ballpoint tattoos. I put a few extra holes in my head. 

And without fail, I snatched the "Rolling Stone" magazine that fell through my mail slot each month. I'd run into my room and slam the door with my glossy Bible in hand. I would sit and read the whole thing, cover to cover: every album review, every profile, every artist on the rise, every photo spread, even the Billboard charts. I would tear out the pictures and plaster my walls with rock star style. There was Beck's dapper suit and tie/fuzzy hair and sneakers look, Gwen Stefani's strappy pants with crop tops and Bindi facial jewelry, Alkaline Trio's crisp white Oxford shirts splattered in fake blood and their piercing, dark lined eyes. 

My love of the music and its fashion kept growing and stretching, and I absorbed countless trends into my personal style like I was picking apples from a tree. I went through a metamorphosis every few months, until my classmates were thoroughly confused as to who I was supposed to be. 

And who am I? I'm the same lady I was then, except I'm much more polished than I was with the tattered pants and dog collars. I'm someone who isn't afraid of change, who's always dying to see and hear what's new and what's old, and who lives to be inspired. Read my blog and you'll see what I see. 

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