Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Other Enthusiast Blogs

The peer review of the enthusiast blogs was a helpful experience and surprisingly gave me a lot to think about.

First, there was the response I got from others on my blog, Rock and Vogue. The people in my peer group were two dude-bros. Like the opposite target audience for my blog. However, they were really into it! They liked my About Me and my point of view, they liked my design. One of the guys told me to include my inspirations for why I like to write about what I write. I added that and I think it was a great observation. I don't know of they fully appreciated my posts but they liked my writing style. Hearing that from people who wouldn't automatically love what I do is a good sign.

Reading their blogs was also interesting. I like helping others think about this sort of thing because I think I'm very good at not being ethnocentric when it comes to others. I can keep a very open mind and try to understand where others are coming from. I enjoyed reading what I normally wouldn't, a basketball blog and a blog from the POV of the college male.

Something that came up in our review session was whether or not to write for ourselves and the (possible) audience it might attract. On the other hand, should we be more inviting to our potential readers and make our posts easier to understand for a wider audience? We decided basically that we shouldn't limit ourselves, but do keep in mind that some readers might not "get it."

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