Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rock and Vogue is Awesome

I love writing this blog and I'm having a great time with it.

I thought at first that having a specific topic would be constricting, but I realize now that it just requires more creativity on my part to come up with interesting post ideas.

I like doing the research that is involved with my subject matter. Since I need to back up my analyses with information and facts, I find myself scouring the internet, asking people their opinions and hitting up my mom and dad for info on the decades in which I was not alive. Since I love surfing the internet and love learning new information and love learning about topics of interest EVEN MORE, I find this process enjoyable, if a bit tedious.

I love my web page design and have received a lot of positive feedback on my formatting. My description blurb does jump around on each computer I view it on, though. I helped remedy that by omitting the border around the header. While I miss the color it added, it helps make the description look less fumbled and it's less distracting without it.

I really love reading blogs and I like using what works for me as a reader in my writing. Hyperlinks are awesome and a must for me. I reference other things a lot and it's not only helpful to hyperlink an explanatory web page, it's hella fun to click around and see more stuff (it is for me, anyways). Including videos and images is essential for my type of blog and I think it's really fun to watch and listen to the music I write about. I've also realized that videos can also be newsreels, interviews, and more.

Fun things I could do in the future are add a playlist section at the end that could highlight a few songs, selected by me, that I want readers to check out. They'll correspond to the genre in the post.

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