Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rock and Vogue is Tricky

I've run into a few small issues in this blog.

Post length worries me. I don't want to ramble, but I have a very overly-descriptive style of writing (and speaking) that concerns me. Summarizing or just scratching the surface in my posts is something I really want to avoid, because if I do that than what's the point of reading Rock and Vogue? I feel it's important to give insight, show the back story, and really set the tone.

I want to create an ambiance, a mood for the readers. Like they're coming to my apartment and we're looking at clothes and records and pictures together, and I'm giving you the dirt, a lesson in fashion, pop culture and rock music. But that sounds like reporting, which is no good. Should I leave room for commenters? I want people to comment. I want it to be fun!

Sometimes I worry that my choice of vocabulary is ... a turn off. I tend to use big words. I like big words because they are specific and significant, they help make the points I'm trying to convey. David Bowie isn't great, he's magnificent. The clothes aren't ugly and weird, they're obscene and outlandish. I wonder if it makes me sound pretentious. I wonder if it's something readers will like or dislike.

Ultimately, my greatest concern is that since I'm no expert on my topic, I might get the info wrong, or miss out on something I should have included and I'll find myself being disregarded by readers. That is, if anyone ever reads this blog and is able to make that accusation.

Anyways, those are the main things I've learned from this blog project that concern me a bit.

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