Monday, September 21, 2009

My Enthusiast Blog

I have decided that my enthusiast blog will be about rock and roll music and its influence in fashion.  

I found it really difficult to narrow my topic because I favored a more broad topic. Choosing a more specific topic worries me because I fear that I will run out of things to say, or be forced to pick some theme that does well in a few posts but doesn't hold my interest over time. 

Two of my greatest interests are rock music and fashion, and I personally take many of my style cues from the music I listen to. Rock music in itself created a fashion legacy; the former always tends to inspire the latter in unique ways. Many looks parallel a certain sound of a certain decade, from the 1950s till today and into the future. 

My blog will have equal emphasis on the music and the fashion trends it created. That way, it can appeal to readers that are rock fans who find the fashion parts interesting, or the fashion fans can learn about where the trends started, and the true music/fashion enthusiasts can dig right in. 

People will certainly want to see lots of photos of artists in their element, and I'd like to include videos as much as possible to incorporate the sights and sounds together. Photos of the rock inspired fashions will certainly be a major part of the blog. I'll do part personal commentary and part research-based writing to ensure accuracy. People would probably not want to see a lot of high-fashion, inaccessible  stuff because I'd like the focus to be on the everyday, what-people-wear style. I will also avoid cliches and really analyze what's popular and what has been popular in the past, where it comes from and what it means to dress a certain way. 

The writing style will be a mix of informal slang with polished and well-researched information. I can't help but write the way I write, and that will mean a light, conversational tone but also an analytical effect. I don't want the subject matter to be so fluffy -- I have points to make. Design will be important. I see black playing a major part of the color scheme, vibrant images that evoke the playfulness of the rock and roll aesthetic. It will certainly look good, give off a cool vibe and totally rock. 

Some post ideas:

The Nerdy Glasses Trend - starting from 1950s rockabilly to "nerd rock" or "math rock" bands: is this the antithesis of cool? 

Southern Rock Style: The First and Second Wave - How artists like the Kings of Leon, The Black Crows and others channel The Band and The Allman Brothers 1970s American country fashion.

Chrome - Why is silver the color of electro rock? Why artists are taking the robotic sound of their music so literally. 

The White Stripes are Fashion Icons - their look is just as striking as their sound. From their beginnings as fuzzy-haired garage rockers with a fuzzed-out sound, to their Red and White clothes only rule, to the mutation into country music and the obligatory dress code, to their sometimes Mexican influences sound and style. 

The Power of Leather - the lasting effect leather has had on rock and roll music and vice versa. 

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